Saturday, January 3, 2015

Comfort. Hold the mayo.

Cold days like today make me want to cook like Paula Deen. Ok, it's probably not THAT cold. High 50s, low 60's, but definitely colder that we're used to in San Diego. Since I became a vegetarian, I've gotten more into cooking and trying new things in the kitchen. I went vegan after watching a pile of documentaries on nutrition and animal cruelty. Vegan was a bit out of my league. I missed cheese, and even though I never really ate many before that, I craved eggs. I gave up the vegan lifestyle not long after I started and went strictly vegetarian. A few years back I was feeling really chunky after the holidays and decided I would go on the Jorge Cruise Bellyfat cure diet, which is stricly meats and vegetables. No sugar, starch or anything tasty. The re-addition of meat and poultry in my diet did a number on my digestive system, so after a week with Jorge, I returned his book and went back on the vegarian bandwagon. It's not for everyone, and my reasons aren't easily defined, except for the fact that I feel better than before, and I have no desire to bite into a steak anytime in the forseeable future. So my craving of the day was potato salad. Not the one I grew up with, made with hard boiled eggs and mayo, but one with my own stamp. I love the traditional potato salad, but never really mastered it. My Mom and Sister can make it with their eyes closed but I never really had much success, and I'm not a huge mayo fan. I've made my version several times over the years and each time it changes a bit, depending on what I have on hand, but the basic premise remains. 5-6 white potatoes (unpeeled, cause I'm lazy) Artichoke Antipasto (Trader Joe's) Chopped Olives Chopped Cucumber (The kind in the wrapper, it's just better) Chopped Red Pepper Cardini's Caesar Dressing Italian Dressing Garlic and Onion Powder Chopped up Peperoncini Pepper Flakes Salt and Pepper Chopped Bread and Butter Pickles
The ratio of everything varies, depending on my culinary mood, but the ingredients stay mostly the same. You have to chill it, overnight is preferrable, but the next day you are rewarded with a power punch of potato realness. Try it. You'll thank me later.

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