Friday, May 22, 2009

When I Saw You

I have three nieces. 20, 10 and 9. They are our families pride and joy. The Jan Brady of the bunch came into existence On July 23rd, 1998. Since her arrival I fell head over heels. She has an infectious smile and overwhelming beauty for her young age. The first time I held her in my arms I couldn't help but be smitten. Her tiny head resting in the palm of my hand and her skinny little legs barely reaching past my elbow. As she grew it became evident that she was going to be a show stopper. Smart, funny and she absolutely loves her family. Today she graduated from elementary school. Her whole life is ahead of her, and the world is indeed her oyster. She's got Junior High ahead of her, then High School. Maybe college. Maybe marriage. Seems like only yesterday I was swinging and sliding with her in the park. And now at ten, she has highlights in her hair, makeup on her face and holds herself with complete grace. When did this happen? How did she become a young lady so quickly. I'm sure all families are stricken with the abrupt manner in which kids grow up, but this one is really throwing me for a loop. Ten years. Goes by in a blink. I know that she has to grow up, but does she have to do it this fast?
I love you Jaime.

When I Saw You
Words and Music by Mariah Carey

Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me
Transcending space and time
And I was rendered still
There were no words for me to find at all
As I stood there beside myself
I could see you and no one else

When I saw you
When I saw you
I could not breathe, I feel so deep
When I saw you
When I saw you
I'd never be, I'd never be the same

Only once in a lifetime love rushes in
Changing you with the tide
And dawn's ribbon of light
Bursts through the dark
Wakening you inside
And I thought it was all untrue
Until there all at once I knew

With no beginning and
Without an end
You are the one for me
It's evident
And your eyes told me so
Your eyes let me know...


  1. Wow, I could hardly breath when reading your last two blogs..... and the song continues to play in my mind from this one.....xoxoxoxo

  2. so it says russell, but it's meant to be laurie =)